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When you cannot find a guarantor.


Do you know that there is a unique system in Japan known as guarantor system?

In Japan, to rent a room, there needs to be a lessor, a lessee, a broker and a guarantor. The guarantor has the same duty as the lessee, if the lessee does not pay the rent or go missing, guarantor company must fulfill the duty on the lessee’s behalf. For this reason, Japanese people will ask their familiar people such as co-workers and relatives to be the guarantor, but in most foreigner’s cases the landlords will only accept a Japanese national as the guarantor. Although the guarantor company system is spreading, most of them are only specialized for Japanese, and do not allow foreigners, or foreigners are not able to pass the screening test. As a result, there are only expensive rooms where guarantor is not required, and this makes room searching consume a lot of time.

Currently there are hundreds of guarantor companies in Japan, but among them, the number of foreigner guarantor companies is still small.

The general process of moving in is as follows.
  1. Look for the room you want to live in
  2. Signing up your guarantor or making an application to the guarantor service
  3. Binding the contract after passing the screening
  4. Moving in after completing the procedures for using public services
  5. Starting a new life in a new room. 





  1. 優先順位を考えながら住みたいお部屋を探します
  2. 保証人申請もしくは保証サービスにお申込み
  3. 審査に通ると賃貸借契約を締結します
  4. 公共サービスの手続きを済ませ入居します
  5. 新しいお部屋での新生活スタート