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Shin Otsuka(新大塚)

Guesthouse with a roof terrace, only 1 minute from Shin-Otsuka station!

Very nice accommodation with an access to a rooftop with a beautiful view ! The location is also very convenient and calm in the same time.

Property interior 物件内観

  • Property exterior 物件外観
  • Entire room arrangement/ground plan 全体間取・平面図
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Property Location住所

2-12-3 Minamiotsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
東京都豊島区南大塚 2-12-3

Period 契約対象期間
Type of Property 物件種類 Shared Type
Room Arrangement 間取り 4LDK
Room Area 部屋面積 8.2~10.8m2
Capacity for how many people 人数 6(6人)
Rent 賃料 JPY 58,000~JPY 65,000 / month
Common service fee 共益費 JPY 15,000 / month
Security Deposit (Insurance fee) 敷金 JPY 30,000
Key money (contract money/administrative fee) 礼金 JPY 15,000
Water, heat, and light expenses 水道光熱費

※Information about additional fees

* Fully furnished private rooms, taking only 1 minute to Shin Otsuka station.
There is a rooftop balcony !

2-min walk to Shin Otsuka station, 500m walk to Mukohara Station (direct to Waseda)
Large rooftop terrace!



Please notice that the time displayed is for reference purposes. Does not include transfer time.

Nearest station
Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line Shin Otsuka 丸の内線新大塚駅1 minute(分)

It is also 8-min walk to Otsuka station (JR Yamanote Line).

Access to Waseda campus

Property Location 物件所在地
1 minute(分)
Nearest station 都電荒川線 向原駅
11 minute(分)
Toden Arakawa Line Waseda St.
5 minute(分)
Waseda campus(早稲田キャンパス)
Number of transfer 0 time(s) Total 17minute(s)
乗り換え 0回計 17分

Access to Nishi-Waseda campus

Property Location 物件所在地
5 minute(分)
Nearest station 山手線 大塚駅
6 minute(分)
Tokyo Metro Tozai Line Takadanobaba St.
10 minute(分)
Nishi-Waseda campus(西早稲田キャンパス)
Number of transfer 0 time(s) Total 21minute(s)
乗り換え 0回計 21分

Access to Tokorozawa campus

Property Location 物件所在地
2 minute(分)
Nearest station 丸の内線 新大塚駅
3 minute(分)
Seibuikebukuro Line Ikebukuro St.
29 minute(分)
Seibu Ikebukuro Line Kotesashi St.
20 minute(分)
Tokorozawa campus(所沢キャンパス)
Number of transfer 1 time(s) Total 54minute(s)
乗り換え 1回計 54分
  • 業者CD(6桁)000030
  • 物件CD(6桁)000030

Facility 設備

Personal 専用部分
Public 共用部分
Other その他 All rooms are fully furnished, bed linens and futon supplied.

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業者CD(6桁) 000030 物件CD(6桁) 000030
Property Name 物件名称 Shin Otsuka(新大塚)
Property Location 物件所在地 2-12-3 Minamiotsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo東京都豊島区南大塚 2-12-3
Rent賃料 JPY 58,000~JPY 65,000 / month Types of contract契約種類 Fixed lease contract定期借家契約
extended延長 Able to re-contract再契約可 Structure 構造 Reinforced concreteRC
Period 契約期間
Type of Property 物件種類 Shared Type
Construction Date 建築年月
November 1974
Reparation Date 改修工事年月
March 2010
Story 階数 3rd Floor 地上3階  Room Arrangement 間取り 4LDK
Parking Space 駐輪場
Rooms in the building 1棟の総戸数 4 room(s)4 室
Rooms for rental 賃貸戸数 4 room(s)4 室 Capacity for how many people 収容人数 6 people6 人
Room Area 部屋面積(m2 Minimum Area 8.2 / Maximum Area 10.8最小面積 8.2  / 最大面積 10.8 
Contract requirement 契約条件 Allows friend/family visit(友人・家族訪問可)
Allows friend/family to sleepover(友人・家族宿泊可)
Please let us know in advance when you have extra guests in your room. We will provide you with additional air mattress.
Additional charge of 2,000 Yen will apply for each guest per night. And 20,000 Yen per month.


Payment 支払方法 Monthly payment 月払い
Credit card クレジットカード払い / Bank transfer 銀行振込 / Others その他
We are also running a bar - SPEAKEASY in front of Otsuka station. If you come to our office and pay by cash, we present 2 free drink tickets which you can use at the bar. It is one of the most famous international bars in Tokyo. Your new friends are waiting for you in SPEAKEASY!
Rental fee賃料
JPY 58,000~JPY 65,000
Common service fee共益費
JPY 15,000
wifi, water, gas, electricity, weekly cleaning
Water, heat, and light expenses水道光熱費
Internet feeインターネット料
Rental guarantee fee賃貸保証料
Property insurance fee家財保険料
Key money (contract money/administrative fee)礼金(契約金・事務手数料)
Moving in入居時
JPY 15,000
Cleaning fee and sheets fee included
Security Deposit (Insurance fee)敷金(保証金)
Moving in入居時
JPY 30,000
after checkout, will be refunded
Key exchange fee (key deposit)鍵交換費(鍵デポジット)
Cleaning feeクリーニング費用
Cancellation penalty fee中途解約違約金
Re-contract fee (update fee)再契約料(更新料)
Bedding fee寝具代
Membership fee会員費