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Name of Company/School会社名/学校名 WASEDA University(早稲田大学)
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Terms of service

This website ( is managed by Waseda University Property Management (refers to [our company]), a company fully invested by Waseda University. For customers (refers to [user]) who will use this website, please read and acknowledge the following terms of service (refers to [agreement]) before utilizing. Also, please be aware that there may be some changes in the agreement without warning.

Article 1 [Service]
1. This website provides property information for students overseas who will attend Waseda University. The information is limited to those that are offered by real estate agents (refers to [business agents]) that are partnered with our company and are capable of making a contract with the customer as the property owner. The uploaded information may be revised or deleted for appropriate purposes in certain situations.
2. We do not guarantee coverage for any incidental accident caused by the services offered by our company or this website. The damage caused by the uncertainty or the suspension in the services offered by this website will be compensated by the business agent who provided the information.

Article 2 [Personal Information]
1. Personal information including name, e-mail address, street address, phone number, etc.
will be sent to our company and the business agents affiliated with us at the same time, and the personal information will be dealt respectively according to our [Privacy Policy].
2. Regarding the e-mail address used to contact the rental property provided in this website, it will be recognized that the user understands in advance for the e-mail to be used by our company or the business agents to send possible advertisement messages.

Article 3 [Copyrights of Intellectual Property Rights]
The images and other intellectual property rights included in this website’s program belong to our company. Customers are limited to use the information only for appropriate personal purposes. Usage purposes that exceed the limitation including duplication, transmission, transference, and secondary purposes without our company’s authorization are prohibited.

Article 4 [Prohibition]
Our company prohibits users from the following conducts.
1. Conduct that will or may damage our company, business agents or any third party
2. Conduct that will or may infringe the property, honor, or privacy of our company, business agents, or any third party
3. Conduct that will or may violate the public order and morals
4. Conduct of using another’s e-mail address to log in or to submit or notify a false report
5. Conduct of using or providing harmful software programs like the computer virus
6. Conduct of a one-sided transmission of spam messages
7. Other, conduct that will or may violate any law or regulation
8. Other, conduct that our company has decided to be inappropriate

If the above has been violated, the user will agree that our company has the right to ask claims for the damages from the user.

Article 5 [Disclaimer]
1.Our company will instruct the business agents to post and organize the information carefully on the website; however, its accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed.
2.Our company may revise the uploaded information or suspend the website’s availability without any warning depending on the situation.
3.Our company would not compensate for any damages caused by the inscription of false data, access, comment, or e-mail by a third party when the user access or could not access, for any reasons, to the website.

Article 6 [Compensation for damages]
The user would be responsible to compensate for the damages given to our company that was caused due to a violation in the agreement.

Article 7 [Court of Competent Jurisdiction]
In cause of a competent jurisdiction, the first hearing will be conducted at the Tokyo District Court as the exclusive jurisdictional court.

Article 8 [Exception]
1 .According to the agreement, there may be certain exceptions that are designated within the other regulations.
2. If the enlisted agreement seems to contradict with the explanation of our company’s service, the explanation posted on the respective service page will be applied.

(Supplementary Provision)
This agreement will be executed from December 25, 2017.


1. 本サイトでは海外から早稲田大学に来る学生に対して、賃貸住居に関する情報提供等を行っております。賃貸住居の情報は、弊社が提携している不動産業者(以下「事業者」という)が貸主としてお客様と契約できるものに限定して掲載おります。掲載している情報については、内容を適宜追加または変更・削除することがあります。
2 .弊社は、本サイトが提供及び付随するサービスに対する保証行為をしておりません。本サイトが提供するサービスの不確実性・サービス停止等に起因する利用者への損害については、情報を提供する事業者が負うものとします。

1 .本サイトの利用に際して利用者から取得した氏名、メールアドレス、住所、電話番号等の個人情報は、弊社と弊社が提携している不動産業者へ同時に送信されることを利用者は予め同意するものとします。
2 .本サイトで提供される賃貸住居に対するお問い合わせに際し、利用者が入力するメールアドレスにつき、後日弊社または事業者から広告宣伝等に関するメールを送る場合があることを、利用者は予め同意するものとします。




1 .弊社は、事業者に対して本サイトに掲載する全ての情報を慎重に作成し、管理するよう指示しますが、その正確性および完全性などに関して保証をするものではありません。
2 .弊社は、予告なしに、本サイトの運営を停止または中止し、また本サイトに掲載されている情報の全部または一部を変更する場合があります。
3 .利用者が本サイトを利用したこと、または何らかの原因によりこれをご利用できなかったことにより生じる一切の損害および第三者によるデータの書き込み、不正なアクセス、発言、メールの送信等に関して生じる一切の損害について、弊社は、何ら責任を負うものではありません。



1 .本規約に基づき、特別の規定が別途定められている場合があります。
2 .弊社の各サービスの説明のページに当規約と相反する規定があった場合は、各サービスの説明ページに記載してある規定を適用します。