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This website is managed by the Waseda University Property Management.

This site aims to provide information of items that allow one month contracts or longer periods of contracts to Waseda University native students, international students, and researchers. All items displayed on this website are rental items managed or owned by partner companies of Waseda University Property Management Corporation which is an affiliated company of Waseda University. Our wish to support those who are searching for an apartment find their ideal items more freely and easily, as well as our aim to better everyone’s settling experience regardless of one`s nationality, have motivated us to establish this website. Through our website, one can find their preferable item with available staying length that meets individuals` need (minimum one month), and preserve the target item before being in Japan.

■ Short term (minimum one month) contracts available!
Under normal situations, a standard contract of apartment has a length requirement of at least two years of contract. Hence, it is very difficult for those who wish to sign a contract shorter than one year to find their ideal items. Through our website, you can find items with minimum contract period of one month.

■ Lower initial fees
The expense of furniture, including household appliances and electronics, can be an economic burden for international students who are staying short term. In our site, nearly all of the items are furnished, which will save you quite an amount of money. Furthermore, there won’t be agent fee even in cases of short term contracts.

■ Reliable services for international students/ researchers
Our partner companies are able to serve in many languages. If there are any unclear points about the item or contract, they are able to explain in a comprehensive manner in different languages.

■ Easy understanding of access from the apartment to the campus
On our site, we show the access from the apartment to each campus of Waseda University. The specified commuting time and stations to transfer are convenient for evaluating and finding your ideal item.

First, please search with your personal requirements and see if there are any interested items. If you have any questions, please click on the “Inquiry Form” button under the displayed photos of each item and ask them freely anytime. They will contact you as soon as possible once they receive your form.

Moreover, other services that may be helpful and provide necessary information for your stay in Japan, are available too. Please check the Colum page if needed.

*The Inquiry form
For those who are looking for an apartment by themselves, please click the “Inquiry for individuals” button, If you are in charge of a group of international students, please click the “Inquiry for groups “ button for your inquiry and for further contacts with our partner companies.



■ 最短で1ヵ月間から契約ができる

■ 入居のための初期費用が抑えられる

■ 海外の方も安心な手続き

■ 物件からキャンパスへのアクセスがわかる